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A lapse in judgment can lead to a lifetime of regret. Don’t leave your future hanging in the balance. The Law Office of Stephen A Milks provides representation in criminal law matters in the Okemos, Michigan area. He’ll take your case seriously and fight for the best possible outcome.

An experienced criminal law attorney understands the processes and procedures on both side of the courtroom. Attorney Milks offers legal defense against charges involving:

Misdemeanors | Felonies | Traffic tickets | OWI | Bond violations

Whether you’re facing prosecution for domestic assault, drug offenses, theft or destruction of property, you need a knowledgeable criminal law attorney on your side to fight for your rights. Call 517-679-2979 today to speak with a lawyer who can take your felony case in the Okemos, MI area.

Get your driver's license back

Attorney Milks works in all areas of criminal defense. He can help you with anything from traffic tickets and civil infractions to drug offenses and murder. If you've lost your driver's license, he'll take steps to help you get it reinstated.

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The Law Office of Stephen A Milks was established in 2011. Attorney Milks believes in providing personalized attention for every case. He sympathizes with the difficult situation you're in. His goal is to be the smartest and best-prepared person in the courtroom when it's time to present your case.

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